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What if You Don’t Get Water Restoration?

Water damage can be a big hassle for property owners. For the best results, it is often better to hire a fully licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in water restoration. Professionals can deal with water removal and clean up efficiently, minimizing the damages and overall costs needed for repairs. By ignoring water restoration after serious water damage, you risk further damage to your property and electrical and pose serious health and safety risks to everyone in the vicinity.

What Are Signs That You Need Water Restoration? A burst pipe or a flood in your home can cause serious damage and create severe problems over time if not dealt with properly. There are many telltale signs of water damage that you need to look out for. If your walls are peeling, cracking, bubbling, sagging, or discoloration, you may have water damage in your walls. If you hear running water at unusual times, are experiencing strange odors, or see mold forming in your home, you also may have water damage. If you are experiencing any of these signs you should contact a water restoration specialist immediately.

Water Restorations With Insurance Construction Management Are you in need of water restoration in Ann Arbor, MI, Canton, MI, Plymouth, MI, or the surrounding areas? If so, Insurance Construction Management provides top-rated restoration services. We have many years of experience and all our general contractors are licensed and insured. When we work with a client we make it our mission to restore their property to its original condition in the most efficient and timely manner. If you would like more information about water restoration, call us at (734) 404-6859 or message us online. Contact Us Today! Contact us today to discuss your project. A representative will contact you as soon as we are available.

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